Welcome to GINGHAM DOLL. My name is Babs Atta-Krah and GINGHAM DOLL is my vision. With a Bachelor degree from the prestigious K.I.A.D (Kent Institute of Art and Design), and an eye for flirtatious, feminine elegance, I had the luxury of working under Gharani Strok, and learning first hand how to create luxurious yet simple pieces and the ins & outs of the FASHION WORLD. As a skilled pattern cutter and machinist I soon realised that I was passionate about starting my own fashion line, making my own rules, and more importantly, I had the tools to make it happen. DRIVE, PERSEVERANCE & LOVE for my craft.

Nothing happens over night, but with all my hard work I was lucky enough to design for some great women, some of which are in the public eye. Designing for the likes of MIQUITA OLIVER, MEL B, JO EMMA LARVIN & ANIKA NONI ROSE to name a few helped sharpen my fashion taste and allowed me  to understand what its like to be a 21st Century WOMAN.

Every GINGHAM DOLL design, is HANDMADE by myself using the best quality fabrics, all sourced and manufactured in London. My pieces are aimed at young ladies and women, who crave for ELEGANCE, QUALITY and LONG LASTING staple pieces in their wardrobes. Fashion today is very disposable and not made to last, hence the surge of numerous cheaper labels over the past few years. At GINGHAM DOLL we can not promise you 2 dresses under £10, but what we offer is FASHION at its finest.

Being an INDEPENDENT BRAND, my pieces are made with a lot of LOVE, TIME, attention to detail and expertise. Understanding firsthand what its like to be a woman, I offer a CUSTOMISING SERVICE to my customers. As women we all have insecurities, and sometimes shopping can be a painful experience. Every piece is HAND FINISHED and I pride myself on how my clothes make women feel. If you like a piece but would prefer with sleeves etc, simply drop me a message and I will do my best to accommodate your desires. Thus creating your very own one of a kind design at an AFFORDABLE price.

Gingham Doll's SIMPLE SILHOUETTES make it easy to wear our pieces in any season and are always "ON TREND" conscious. Thank you very much for taking this journey with us. Please enjoy.