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Knitted Lurex Cardigan/Coat Dress Navy

Gingham Doll

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Knitted Lurex Cardigan/Coat Dress Navy
Knitted Lurex Cardigan/Coat Dress Navy
Knitted Lurex Cardigan/Coat Dress Navy

This Cardigan can simply be described as elegant chic. Can be worn and styled in so many ways.  Side pockets included. Belt attached in the back seam. High side slits with a great border pattern. 


  • Worn open with a white vest / top, teamed  with a killer pair of fitted jeans. Finish the look off with a pair of converse or glam it up with some heels. 

  • Worn tied but not letting the center front meet (leaving a good couple of inches to see outfit underneath) with a nice crisp white long sleeved shirt. Buttoned up fully, and tucked into a great pair of trousers/jeans. With the short sleeves longer than the cardigan, it will create a sophisticated layered look. 

  • Worn as it is with a pair of biker shorts (for decency) and cinched in the waist. Finished off with some elegant strappy shoes. 

There are soo many ways one can wear and style this number. This outfit is oversized and comes in 2 size options. 

  1. Will fit sizes small up to a UK14/16 
  2. Will fit sizes up to UK22


Please note that each piece is made from scratch, so bare in mind that your order could take anywhere between 2 days to about 3 weeks before dispatch (depending on demand). Thank you so much for supporting our Independent brand. 

If you need for a specific time please msg me before purchase so I can confirm manufacture time. 



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